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Creations in recycled glass

Scroll down to see customer photos to help you imagine it in your home and yard. The pieces can be commissioned to fit your yard and your budget. When planning a piece for your yard, keep in mind that the art looks it's best when the sun is rising and falling. Find that perfect spot in your yard and you'll be amazed constantly!

The large Joshua Tree in recycled glass and rock adorns Jenifer’s fabulous entry.  Dressed up with unusual cactus displayed in fun funky pots.  A great way to say “Welcome!  You’re gonna have fun here!”

Joshua Tree in Glass and Rock

Glass ocotillo shown in Tom & Leslie’s front yard along with other art and live plants.  Showing the beautiful interaction between glass and nature.

Olga's beautiful placement and photograph of her ocotillo. Breathtaking!! Look what a beer bottle can do!

Olga Ocotilla

Glass and stone Momma and baby Joshua Trees shown in Al’s yard.

Customer gardens with glass art

Glass ocotillo shown at Christine and Nancy’s with custom fired blossoms to compliment home color.

Blue and Green Glass Saguara at Angela’s.  What a view!!

Glass Saguaros

Products available for purchase.

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Recycled Glass Coaster Set of 6

Recycled glass coaster set of six in turquoise and cobalt blue

Recycled Glass Coaster Set of 6

Beer bottle bugs
Beer Bottle Bugs

Recycled Glass Coaster Set of 6

About The Artist

Hi! I'm Susan Henry

I have been creating recycled glass art since 2015. Though I had been working with conventional art glass for many years, I fell in love with the use of recycled glass because of it's challenge and it's contribution to our environmental concerns and responsibility to our planet.

It's not an easy art form and I have often said that no one in their right mind would ever do such a thing, but your garbage can be made to beautify your earth! And every time I see my finished work lit with the rising or setting sun, I am rewarded. With Mother Nature's help it can take your breath away.

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  • (760)574-5267
  • 61877 Twentynine Palms Hwy., Joshua Tree, CA 92252